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    120 Jogos indies estão por vim no Wii U

    Veterano Nv.MÁX
    Veterano Nv.MÁX

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    120 Jogos indies estão por vim no Wii U

    Mensagem por ari789 em Sab 15 Fev 2014, 20:00

    O Site Nintendo Enthusiast reuniu 120 JOGOS que estão por vim ao Wii U... Claro tudo Indie mais não tira o merito da coisa Razz

    Eu achei interessante então resolvi postar tais jogos

    Noticia em Inglês
    7 Nintendo Enthusiast editors have put in around 50 man-hours of work into creating this feature and we hope you’ll enjoy it. But before you jump in, there’s one bottom-line I’d like to stress. And if this point about the evolving landscape of the Wii U doesn’t become apparent, I feel like you may miss the entire point of this feature.

    After announcing the Nintendo Web Framework and Unity partnership, Satoru Iwata claimed more than 1,000 independent developers got in contact with Nintendo about developing for Wii U. That means the barrier of entry to console development for the past 30 years had just been lowered significantly. The floodgates had opened and the gap between Wii U development and PC/mobile app development had been bridged. What’s happening now is that we are seeing the first generation offspring of this strategic policy-shift.

    The feature article you are reading is the recognition of that first generation finally making their appearance, ever so quietly. It nearly slipped us by, but as indie games have frequently begun to surface over the past few months, we gathered up a list, and realized that the transformation had already begun. It’s not just the amount of games, but the developers behind it who we’ve been in touch with and heard their stories.

    There are (at least) two business models for indie studios:

    1) Medium budget, low-risk, high profile studios that have proven themselves as viable long-term business models over time. Examples would be Wayforward (indie developer) and Nicalis (indie publisher). Until now, only Type 1 indie studios have existed on consoles because of the cost of creating a custom console engine.

    2) Small budget, low profile, individually-staffed teams, with a short development cycle. The aim of the Type 2 indie developer is to become a larger, more profitable independent Type 1 studio with a long-term financial future. Until now these indies have only been found creating games for online Flash portals, as free downloadable PC games, or, more recently, turning a nice profit on mobile app stores.

    Nintendo has now created an opportunity for hundreds of these Type 2 indie developers to finally enter the world of console development. We’ve been in contact with tens of these developers and we know many of them are starting out small to help fund their ambitious dreams for the future. Just like a sports team drafts talented prospects who eventually become their star-players, Nintendo is making an investment in these new indies by providing them with the tools to enter console development. Old veteran companies, like EA, may be a bit of a lost cause, but Nintendo has already made a wise move by planting the seeds of the talented youth.

    If you’ve got the eye of a video game developer “scout”, you may spot some future all-stars in this pool of talent. So, without further ado, check out our thirteen lists of 120+ Upcoming Wii U Indie Games:


    Hyper Light Drifter

    Pastel pixel-art dreamscape
    Inspired by A Link to the Past and Diablo
    Music by Rich Vreeland (Fez)


    Character designs reminiscent of Breath of Fire and Kingdom Hearts
    Full cast of notable voice actors with resumes that range from Dragon Ball Z to World of Warcraft
    Sweeping soundtrack inspired by the JRPG greats

    Ittle Dew

    Old school Zelda-esque dungeons and structure
    Heavy focus on humor
    Environmental puzzles
    Built for speed-runs with shortcuts and online leader boards


    Switch based puzzles with escalating difficulty
    SciFi/Robotics Laboratory setting
    Epic Boss fights

    The Girl and the Robot

    Full 3D environments
    Art direction reminiscent of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s animated film “Castle in the Sky”
    Switch between controlling a girl and a robot at the press of a button
    Staff from the Modern Combat series and Festival of Magic


    Loot based fantasy title in the vein of Diablo
    Switches between overhead and side-scrolling perspectives
    Alien landscapes and characters

    The Dance of the Damned

    A story of vengeance, love, and betrayal
    Full 3D fantasy adventure

    Stick it to the Man

    Unique paper cut-out presentation
    Read minds and manipulate objects with the purple arm growing out of your ehad
    Twisted Humor

    The Fall

    Draws inspiration from classics as diverse as Monkey Island and Super Metroid
    Episodic release
    A narrative that is told through the environments and player controlled actions

    Sword N Board

    Environments based on childhood daydreams, pillow forts and cardboard forests
    Combine items for varied effects
    Link to the Past inspired exploration

    Knite & The Ghost Lights

    Beautiful claymation aesthetic created with stop motion animation
    Metroidvania exploration
    Individual stories for several characters in a lived in world with history


    An adventure game in deep space
    Randomized world and loot
    Ship customization

    Wizard’s Lizard

    Link to the Past style gameplay
    Explore a randomly generated dungeon
    Death in the game transports you to the realm of the dead, travel between realms to advance

    Squids Odyssey

    An underwater adventure
    Turn based combat
    Recruit squids of different classes

    Project CIDER

    Top down perspective
    SciFi Action Adventure
    Comic book action effects
    Zelda inspired combat

    Delver’s Drop

    Physics based environmental puzzles
    Random dungeons
    Various character classes to chose from

    The Sun at Night

    Alternate history featuring technologically advanced Soviet Union
    Deep skill trees for rich character customization
    Large non-linear levels based on real locations

    Blossom Tale

    A Link to the Past inspired
    Play as a knight hunting down the ingredients for a potion to cure a poisoned king
    From the developer of Rex Rocket



    Planetoid-like playing environment
    Vibrant colors
    Play as an armadillo!
    2D speed run levels

    Woodle Tree Adventures

    Adorable art style
    Quirky music
    6 worlds to play through


    Rareware inspired platformer
    Mexican inspired music, art style, and voice acting
    Collect-a-thon platformer
    Boss battles inspired by Mega man


    Portal-esque graphics
    Physics-based puzzles
    Interactive environment puzzles

    Oliver & Spike: Dimension Jumpers

    What happens in one dimension influences the other dimensions
    Ratchet & Clank meets Zelda meets Uncharted
    Each world has you play through several parallel dimensions
    Each dimension has its own storyline, quest arcs, NPCs, and physics laws

    A Hat in Time

    Level editor included with the game
    Quirky Wind-Waker-eque art style
    Grant Kirkhope music

    Percy’s Predicament

    Family-friendly casual game
    Time-based challenges
    80 levels and six different environments
    Once the game is bought, all future DLC is free

    Flavored Cats

    Inspired by Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 3D Land
    Cute game, but evil story
    Developers behind Syobon’s Action and Chimpuzzle

    Inifinity Runner
    3D sci-fi game
    Bafta-nominated studio
    Coming to the Wii U later this year


    Master Reboot

    Unique storyline and visual style
    Exploration and Puzzles
    First Person exploration with 34 unique areas


    Inspired by dark Japanese fairy tales
    Pop-up book style areas
    Manipulate the world around you


    successor to cult classic The Neverhood
    Claymation graphics
    GamePad may offer a second angle of what is happening on the TV

    Night Detective

    Charming graphical style
    has RPG/Puzzle elements
    interactive areas

    Dreamfall Chapters

    High production values
    episodic adventure
    no combat or stealth: just pure advenutre


    Full use of gamepad
    Direct X11 for dynamic lighting
    beautiful style

    Imagine Me

    challenging puzzles
    multiple dungeons
    gamepad serves as a map
    excellent art direction


    Gun Lord

    8-bit inspired graphics
    rocking soundtrack
    big guns and big enemies
    futuristic evil setting


    mix of MegaMan and Zelda with horror elements
    large selection of weapons
    summon spirits to help fight with you

    The Hand of Panda

    based off Bonus rounds of fighting games
    3DS version also coming
    japanese-influenced graphics

    Crypt Run: Death Is Just the Beginning

    randomly generated dungeons
    mid-evil themed graphics
    classic hack and slash gameplay

    How to Survive

    cannibalistic zombies
    local multiplayer
    deep survival and crafting system

    Dusty Raging Fist

    Cartoon styled graphics
    frantic and fast combat
    large variety of enemies in classic side scrolling gameplay

    Super Comboman

    inspired by classic fighting games
    destructible environments
    combo system for combat

    Team Notion

    co-op gameplay
    unlockable moves for characters
    comic book style graphics

    Monkey Pirates

    9 different environments
    up to 5 players
    10-12 multiplayer levels challenge mode


    party game for whole family
    up to 5 players
    evolve from prey to predator

    Human Element

    Zombie based survival game
    3 character classes
    3 playable characters


    Tadpole Treble

    unique gameplay elements
    soundtrack inspired by Mega Man, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Banjo-Kazooie etc
    features “Concerto Mode”, unlockable tasking you to play


    rhythm & fighting game all in one
    licensed soundtrack includes Pendulum & Marilyn Manson
    features a music analyzer that allows players to create new tracks from their own music libraries

    Castaway Paradise

    endless stream of quests & activites
    customize your character and island
    farm, fish, catch bugs, plant trees, earn money & more


    design, build & program your own robots
    build forts & towers to protect your planet
    play solo or with friends to conquer other planets and gather resources

    Lords of New York

    poker meets RPG as you level up
    each character has their own goal
    unique animation engine brings characters to life

    Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities

    game set in an abandoned psychiatric hospital
    play as Inspector Rose Hawkins
    must confront own fears as you confront the horrors inside the hospital

    Fade into Darkness

    audo driven story
    inspired by Myst


    new twist on survival horror genre
    uses Grace 2 engine for breathtaking graphics
    also features state of the art motion capture

    Momonga Pinball Adventures

    float through the sky, battle enemies and bosses – this isn’t just a pinball game
    play as a panda, a firefly or the tiular momonga
    features three bonus mini games

    Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians

    epic musical adventure
    features six hand drawn worlds
    the way you interact with the world changes it


    Dragons and Titans

    features 10-15min 5v5 matches
    20 different dragons and 20 different weapons to choose from
    multiple online game modes
    Youtube Trailer

    Lucadian Chronicles

    strategic online cad battle game
    world is filled with secrets for you to explore
    each card is unique and can share relationships to add unique combinations in your army


    play as marine mammals in outer space
    furious and unrelenting action
    local multiplayer mayhem
    Youtube Gameplay Video


    tactical arena co-op action
    use unique sprit mentor for new gameplay elements
    planned unique Wii U features including asymmetric modes
    Youtube Video

    Wrecking Balls Arena DX

    4 player arcade-style game
    command a team of 4 wrecking balls taking on other teams
    battle across surreal environments and use crazy items to your advantage
    Youtube Video

    Hullbreach Uncloaked

    follow up to cult hit Wii browser game, Hullbreach
    576 sectors of space to explore
    online multiplayer, communication & future DLC planned


    Shantae Half Genie Hero

    First home console installment in cult classic Shantae series
    Explore an interconnected world while gaining new abilities and upgrades
    From WayForward, makers of Ducktales Remastered, Might Switch Force, Contra 4, and A Boy and his Blob
    Play as Shantae’s rival Risky Boots in her own story

    Wooden Sen’Sey

    Action platformer set in “steam rock” Japan
    Play as village chief Goro using his versatile axe for both combat and navigation
    Debut game for developer Upper Byte

    Shovel Knight

    Tribute to 8-bit action platformers
    Adventure elements in addition to platforming
    DuckTales inspired hopping mechanic using your character’s shovel
    Debut entry from Yacht Club Games
    Releasing on March 31st

    The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup

    Platformer with a serious and adult targeted story
    3D movement aspects and gameplay elements inspired by Lemmings
    Developed by Gory Details, founded by Conker’s Bad Fur Day developer Chris Seavor

    Mighty No. 9

    Action platformer strongly inspired by the Mega Man series
    One of the most successful Kickstarter video game projects to date
    Developed by Comcept, headed by Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune
    Inafune promises it will betray fan expectations in a good way

    Super Ubie Island

    Platformer inspired by the classics of the genre from the early 90s
    A challenging game that makes dying and game overs mean something
    Developed by Notion Games
    Originally called Super Ubi Land until Ubisoft requested a change

    8-Bit Boy

    Classic style platformer with an added emphasis on an emotionally fulfilling storyline
    Focused on pure platforming action with minimal puzzles
    Developed by AwesomeBlade Software

    Paper Monsters Recut

    Platformer with a large emphasis on its quirky characters
    Lots of features added to the original Paper Monsters, with an emphasis on new types of levels
    Graphics fully overhauled for Wii U
    Developed by Mobot Studios Inc

    Another Castle

    Medieval based classic style platformer
    Levels and objectives are randomly generated to give the game a roguelike feel
    Developed by Uncade, which consists only of David Byers
    had its start on a NeoGAF thread

    The Gem Collector

    2D platformer with a large emphasis on item collection
    Thousands of gems waiting to be discovered and claimed
    Developed by TreefallStudios

    Putty Squad

    Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

    Blood of the Werewolf


    Art of Balance

    created by master indie devs, Shin’en
    online play and leaderboards, up to five local players (and teams can work together in online)
    HD visuals and 240 frames per second
    more accurate physics

    Blok Drop U

    Physics based puzzle gameplay
    15 levels for $1.99
    additional free levels as DLC bringing the total to 80 levels


    “Premium Feel” with presentation
    Big Bosses and various enemies

    Gravity Badgers

    140 levels
    80s cartoon inspired graphics
    10 characters to choose from

    Organic Panic

    physics puzzle
    create and share your own levels
    destructible environments
    elements of game interact with each other
    vegan friendly!

    Ping 1.5+

    Retro inspired graphics
    lots of video game references scattered throughout
    Boss stages
    18+ levels

    Ping 2

    Sequel to PING
    Gyroscope compatibility
    Portal-like segments

    Pure Chess

    beautiful graphics
    online multiplayer
    10 difficulty levels


    RPG-elements for character customizing
    Boggle-style word searching combat
    highly stylized art

    Chimpuzzle Pro

    Jungle tetris style gameplay
    lay blocks to help your chimp reach the goal



    Single-player and co-op gameplay
    Beautiful visuals
    Humorous narrative
    Physics based puzzles which increase in difficulty
    Around 50 levels and different themed planets to discover


    Best on Wii U with exclusive hardware features (i.e. asymmetric multiplayer)
    Five different worlds each with eight levels (x2 with Void Mode = 80 levels)
    Change ground physics using five different colors
    Original soundtrack composed by Álvaro Lafuente
    Inspiration: Abe’s Oddysee, Braid, the first Prince of Persia, Heart of Darkness, Megaman

    Sprout’s Tale

    Journey through a desolate, frightening, and mysterious world.
    Control the world around you by planting seeds to solve puzzles and defeat enemies
    Learn to distinguish good from evil in an ambiguous world
    Defeat enemies, living shadows of violent deeds
    Discover the hidden meanings behind the world you inhabit


    A dystopic rainy setting, presenting a steampunk vision of an old Europe-inspired new world.
    Complex puzzles, Old-school boss fights, and no loading screens
    Explore rich 2D hand-drawn surroundings
    Visual storytelling: Entire story is told through what you see (and sometimes what you don’t see).
    Soundtrack is a mix of classical orchestra, and metal and electriconic

    1001 Spikes

    1001 lives to pass 100+ levels of devious traps, challenges, and other skill tests
    Enhanced with new challenges and playable characters
    4-Player local co-op and versus gameplay
    Classic 8-bit style chiptunes and graphics

    Oddworld Strangers Wrath HD

    You live critters to take down enemies
    Accept missions and talk to neurotic townsfolk to learn where your bounty can be found
    1st and 3rd person gameplay
    Easter eggs, unlockables, 35 achievements
    Three modes of difficulty

    Oddworld New N Tasty

    Remake of 1997′s Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee rebuilt from the ground up
    Next-gen visuals
    All music and sound effects redone


    Takes place in a peaceful island in the middle of the ocean.
    3 different characters with unique skills
    200 challenging stages
    4 different environments: jungle, desert, ice and an unlockable location
    High replayability


    Cinematic puzzle platformer, offering a deeply visual, intellectual, & emotional experience
    Takes place in an industrial-alchemic setting
    About being a child, having a little brother, growing up, falling down & solving other puzzles
    Tells it story without using and written or spoken word
    Realistic locations and puzzles modelled with accurate physics


    Fast Racing NEO

    Indie powerhouse Shin’en is behind it
    Promises of Hyper Real Graphics
    4 to 8K textures promises an amazing graphical experience
    best F-Zero experience you’ll get until Nintendo actually makes another F-Zero

    Velocity Stream

    Heavy Track Customization
    One player makes the track, the others race it = asymetrical gameplay
    futuristic F-Zero style
    received positive feedback so far from impressions at indie gameshows

    Road Redemption

    Road Rash style game for the 21st century, Kickstarted into existence
    Weapons include guns
    Follow an illegal bike game
    Heavy emphasis on timing for dynamic situations involving NPC vehicles

    The 90′s Arcade Racer

    Classic Daytona USA inspired gameplay
    Published by Nicalis
    Amazing graphics
    60FPS and 720P

    Acoustic Highway

    Unique blend of racing and music game
    Music adapts to players style
    Music created by Donkey Kong Country Returns composer, Monty Goulet
    30 levels, 5 Worlds

    Rock’N Racing Off Road

    5 person multiplayer
    Realistic physics for driving jumps and crashes
    Off-TV play
    Rock soundtrack


    Eternal Eden Ecclesia

    Developed by Blossomsoft
    Direct sequel to Eternal Eden
    Original engine created in Unity 3D
    Strategic type based battle system

    Pier Solar HD

    Developed by WaterMelon Co.
    Originally a homebrew RPG for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
    A Love letter to the 16-bit RPG’s of the 90′s
    A massive world to explore with a promised 50+ hours of gameplay

    Two Brothers

    Developed by Ackk Studios
    Features both black and white 8-bit and full colour 16-bit graphics
    Influenced by top-down Zelda titles
    Non-linear world with multiple endings and side quests

    Project Y2K

    Also coming from Two Brothers developer, Ackk Studios
    3D RPG set at the conclusion of the year 1999
    Inspired by SNES game Earthbound
    A smaller project compared to Two Brothers


    Developed by Dreadlocks
    2D cyberpunk RPG with sidescrolling elements
    Explore hand drawn locations of a futuristic city, Harbor Prime
    Participate in fully voice-acted interactive dialogues

    Terra Incognita

    Developed by Dan Steer
    A retro inspired turn based RPG
    Influenced by classics such as Final Fantasy and Suikoden
    Features classic style character sprites

    Soul Saga

    Developed by Disastercake
    A JRPG inspired by Playstation classics
    Battles have puzzle elements you need to work out first
    Anime fans will recognise the two main characters voices


    Developed by Codagames
    A modern re-imagining of classic 16-bit RPG’s
    Inspired by Japanese RPGs and chess
    Planned as a trilogy, with this being the first
    Unique, high definition hand-drawn art

    Festival of Magic

    Developed by Snowcastle Games
    Combines turn-based combat with farming gameplay
    Grow your own ammo to use against enemies
    Wii U GamePad used for quick menu navigation and controlling your party in combat


    Developed by CrashGem
    Adventure RPG with cute characters, but tough heroes
    Local Co-op inspired by Zelda: Four Swords and Secret of Mana
    Each Churble is unique, and has its own personality that can affect things such as abilities

    Child of Light

    From the creative Director of Far Cry 3, very indie approach
    Sidescroller with classic RPG elements
    Utilises the UbiArt engine, which was last used in Rayman Origins/Legends

    So Hungry

    Developed by Byron Atkinson-Jones
    Inspired by the homeless situation in San Francisco
    Unique pencil-drawn visual style
    To survive, you need to beg


    Scram Kitty and His Buddy On Rails

    mixes frenetic action-platforming and top-down shoot ‘em up gameplay on the GamePad
    striking visual style
    play a tiny, blue-haired sprite with twin laser pistols weaving his way round the magnetic walls of a space station
    NintenDaan: “Played it at Eurogamer! Told @sdrhod exactly what I thought of it, which are just lovely things. Smile

    Ballpoint Universe

    Arresting art style gives life to a fascinating setting
    Compelling customization options
    Melee weapons encourage you to test the limits of combat
    Inventive enemy designs

    N.P.P.D Rush: The Milk of Ultra Violet

    retro styled graphics
    gritty storyline
    action rpg/shmup hybrid gameplay

    Star Beast

    2.5D Shooter
    Alien(the movie) inspired enemies

    Assault Android Cactus

    Top-down SmashTV style shooter
    Highly stylized graphics
    soundtrack changes based on performance
    4 player local co-op

    Project Aguraki

    Built on Unity engine
    from the developer of the hit title Unepic
    Classic 2d gameplay


    2.5D Action Shmup being made in Unity
    The storyline will be broken down in motion animated clips similar to NES Ninja Gaiden
    interesting level variety


    Destructible world
    Beautiful graphics
    fast and frantic gameplay



    Grid-based strategy system
    Micromanaging each character
    Fight zombies, mafia, and other humans
    Plethora of items to use
    Youtube Trailer

    ZaciSa’s Last Stand

    Unique art style
    Tower defense in space
    6 Unique Maps to select from
    Future free DLC
    Hard, Easy and Endless Mode
    Youtube Trailer

    Space Pioneer

    Created by real world astronauts, scientists, and architects
    Start with fully customizable space ship
    Space sim, with strategy elements
    Strategy part and 3rd person part
    Form alliances, trade with, and go to war with alien civilizations
    Youtube Trailer

    Cubemen 2

    Control cubeman in a 3D environment
    Create and share levels (over 4,000 already made)
    Cross platform multiplayer
    Youtube Trailer

    March of War

    Episode multiplayer turn-based war game
    Player input influence future updates
    XCOM-ish feel


    Unique art style
    Tower defense elements with 3rd person/RPG combat included
    Phase of game includes terraforming
    20 levels

    A World of Keflings

    Kingdom-building adventure
    Create a medieval world
    Play as a giant
    Youtube Trailer


    21 unique creatures to collect
    Control terramentals using chess-like movements
    Combines strategy gameplay of Fire Emblem with collection found within Pokemon
    Youtube Trailer


    La Mulana 2

    Sequel to the Wii eShop hit
    16-bit style graphics
    extreme difficulty

    Rex Rocket

    handmade pixel art graphics
    chiptunes soundtrack
    over 100 levels


    open world structure with RPG elements
    travel by foot or ship
    delicate blend of platforming with shmup

    Paradise Lost: First Contact

    dark and intriguing story
    has stealth sections
    character customization


    full voice acted NPCS
    huge boss battles
    Level Editor
    Online Leaderboards for Survival Co-Op

    Odallus: The Dark Call

    Non linear levels
    8 bit graphics
    five different areas to explore

    BY :
    Veterano Nv.MÁX
    Veterano Nv.MÁX

    Karma Karma : 1270
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    Re: 120 Jogos indies estão por vim no Wii U

    Mensagem por Shiny em Sab 15 Fev 2014, 20:09

    Eu acho que o Wii U é um ótimo console para as desenvolvedoras indie explorarem, graças ao Gamepad.
    Membro Nv.25
    Membro Nv.25

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    Re: 120 Jogos indies estão por vim no Wii U

    Mensagem por supertupi em Sab 15 Fev 2014, 20:21

    Parece que a nintendo conseguiu apoio das indies. O modelo de negócio deve ser atrativo para elas.
    Veterano Nv.MÁX
    Veterano Nv.MÁX

    Karma Karma : 1975
    Posts Posts : 6452

    Re: 120 Jogos indies estão por vim no Wii U

    Mensagem por ari789 em Sab 15 Fev 2014, 20:24

    Muitos dos jogos que postei ai vão utilizar ^^

    Mais enfim os jogos que mais me interessei

    Sem duvida oque mais me interessei foi o Lobodestroyo

    Mano eles pegaram Crash e Banjoo-kazooie e transformaram em um Lobo *O* , Cara e essa jogabilidade CRASSICA que me lembra o BANJOO , Cara que inveja de quem tem Ouya , PS4 , Wii U e XONE >..<

    Dragons and Titans :

    Mano é o LoL Do Wii U  Laughing , mais o fato de ser Online e essa jogabilidade bem estilo Legends of League me interessaram pelo jogo e fico imaginando como deve ser jogar ele no GamePad lol


    Esquilos ? Hamster ? ( Sei la oque são esses troços  Laughing ) , Apesar de nunca me interessar em jogar RPGs de turno ( Acho tedioso e chato e..e ) esse jogo me interessou bastante , até por causa do seu estilo visual , mais duvido que irei gostar tanto por ser RPG de turno mais ainda assim invejo quem tem Wii U ,PS4 ou XONE Razz

    A Hat in Time

    Apesar de nunca ter gostado desse estilo Cartoon ( Não é que eu não goste , so acho que fica horrível e não combina nada com Zelda para consoles de mesa .--. ) , mais esse jogo eu tava acompanhando desde que li pela primeira vez no Kickstater , ja vi as mudanças que ele teve , Os Prototypes , desde então me interesso em jogar o jogo lol


    Apesar de novamente odiar RPGs de Turno esse jogo me interessou bastante , mais foi mais pelo seu visual apesar de não ter gráficos incríveis me atraiu bastante Razz

    Mais enfim de todos mesmo , Quero Lobodestroyo >...<

    PARTIU COMPRAR OUYA ( Afinal é a plataforma mais barata que posso jogar o jogo  Laughing )

    Oque me deixa curioso ( é como vão utilizar o gamepad nesse Legends of League do Wii U Razz ) é por que algumas [ na verdade muitas até ] das indies estarem lançando apenas para os consoles next-gen ( WTF OUYA É NEXT GEN !!! ) muitos desses jogos que vi ai poderiam rodar de boa no X360 ou PS3  Suspect 
    Membro Nv.1
    Membro Nv.1

    Karma Karma : 27
    Posts Posts : 35

    Re: 120 Jogos indies estão por vim no Wii U

    Mensagem por caio_ps em Sab 15 Fev 2014, 20:36

    Isso eh pra provar que as thirds que falam que eh dificil desenvolver para o Wii u não passam de vermes inúteis criadoras desta midia "especializada" que tem como maior objetivo destruir o Wii U
    Veterano Nv.MÁX
    Veterano Nv.MÁX

    Karma Karma : 1869
    Posts Posts : 3094

    Re: 120 Jogos indies estão por vim no Wii U

    Mensagem por Omnimon em Sab 15 Fev 2014, 20:48

    Bom tenho muito cartão pre pago do E-Shop(Wii U) para adquirir dos que vi ai quero 40 deles, espero que o HD normal do meu Wii U aguente XD.
    Veterano Nv.MÁX
    Veterano Nv.MÁX

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    Re: 120 Jogos indies estão por vim no Wii U

    Mensagem por AlienZ em Sab 15 Fev 2014, 20:54

    Muito legal ver que as desenvolvedoras indies apoiam o Wii U,espero que lancem vários jogos fenomenais,ainda espero que um dia a Nintendo faça uma coletânea de jogos indies em disco assim como a Sony já fez Very Happy
    Veterano Nv.MÁX
    Veterano Nv.MÁX

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    Re: 120 Jogos indies estão por vim no Wii U

    Mensagem por ari789 em Sab 15 Fev 2014, 22:25

    @caio_ps escreveu:Isso eh pra provar que as thirds que falam que eh dificil desenvolver para o Wii u não passam de vermes inúteis criadoras desta midia "especializada" que tem como maior objetivo destruir o Wii U

    Isso é desculpa esfarrapada e..e , Vi COD MW3 com gráficos inacreditáveis rodando no meu Wii tranquilo Razz, Vi o mesmo Skylanders do XONE e PS4 no Wii sem problemas ( Exeto a falta de expressão facial lol ) , Isso é so desculpa delas...

    É Verdade que portar para o Wii U daria mais trabalho , gastariam mais dinheiro ( e que poderiam não ter lucro depois ) mais não é impossível e..e

    Os Indies que quero no momento são apenas oque citei ali acima

    O Banjoo Kazooie versão Lobo *--* e o LoL do Wii U  Laughing são de longe os que mais me interessam XD , Mais também vi outros que achei bem legal lol

    Mais como não tenho Wii U ( Ou PC Bom ou Outros consoles que tenham tais jogos ) so me resta chorar mesmo  Crying or Very sad 

    Espero que lancem em disco ( Como fizeram com DuckTales e como a Sony ja faz Razz ) por que provavelmente se eu pegar um Wii U sera o Basic e..e
    Special Blast
    Special Blast

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    Re: 120 Jogos indies estão por vim no Wii U

    Mensagem por Ulukai em Sab 15 Fev 2014, 22:37

    Consumidores, mídia e empresas first tem que dar mais valor as desenvolvedoras indies, da forma que merecem. 

    Assim comentários banais como de Pachter não existiriam:

    "I don't consider [indie] games, to be GOTY worthy, they're like snacks"
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    Membro Nv.33

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    Re: 120 Jogos indies estão por vim no Wii U

    Mensagem por vinnybass em Sab 15 Fev 2014, 23:17

    Muito jogo interessante e parecem ser bem legais. Quando eu comprar meu wiiU viu comprar alguns desses.
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    Veterano Nv.13

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    Re: 120 Jogos indies estão por vim no Wii U

    Mensagem por Wolfman em Sab 15 Fev 2014, 23:51

    @Ulukai escreveu:Consumidores, mídia e empresas first tem que dar mais valor as desenvolvedoras indies, da forma que merecem. 

    Assim comentários banais como de Pachter não existiriam:

    "I don't consider [indie] games, to be GOTY worthy, they're like snacks"

    Isso é real. Jogos indie hoje estão muito além de "joguinhos retrô sem conteúdo". Digo até que tem uns indie que tem até mais conteúdo e significado que maioria dos genéricos AAA. Fora que tem uns muito bem trabalhados também, e que realmente trazem algo de novo. Tenho gostado cada vez mais desses jogos.

    Muito bom da Nintendo trazer tantos deles assim, vale a pena mesmo, também porque alguns deles vendem muito bem lá. Que continuem assim. Estarei pegando vários desses aí, sem dúvida.
    Veterano Nv.MÁX
    Veterano Nv.MÁX

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    Re: 120 Jogos indies estão por vim no Wii U

    Mensagem por ari789 em Sab 15 Fev 2014, 23:09

    @Wolfman escreveu:
    @Ulukai escreveu:Consumidores, mídia e empresas first tem que dar mais valor as desenvolvedoras indies, da forma que merecem. 

    Assim comentários banais como de Pachter não existiriam:

    "I don't consider [indie] games, to be GOTY worthy, they're like snacks"

    Isso é real. Jogos indie hoje estão muito além de "joguinhos retrô sem conteúdo". Digo até que tem uns indie que tem até mais conteúdo e significado que maioria dos genéricos AAA. Fora que tem uns muito bem trabalhados também, e que realmente trazem algo de novo. Tenho gostado cada vez mais desses jogos.

    Muito bom da Nintendo trazer tantos deles assim, vale a pena mesmo, também porque alguns deles vendem muito bem lá. Que continuem assim. Estarei pegando vários desses aí, sem dúvida.

    Os indies evoluíram muito , mais também hoje a coisa ta diferente de antes , é mais fácil você conseguir fazer um bom jogo , Com tanto suporte e até mesmo Kickstarter ajudando melhorou muito

    Tipo você diria a um tempo atras que isso aqui é um jogo indie ? :

    Enfim , que venham Lobodestroyo *--* e o Dragon's & Titans para o Wii U lol
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    Veterano Nv.MÁX

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    Re: 120 Jogos indies estão por vim no Wii U

    Mensagem por JonathanAlis em Sab 15 Fev 2014, 23:37

    Legal. Muitos aí me interessam.
    Legal ver que a Nintendo facilitou até pros indies tipo 2.
    Eu e uns colegas estamos começando a desenvolver. Temos algumas ideias, inclusive pro gamepad. Se pelo menos tivéssemos o status de desenvolvedor tipo 2 e um dev kit do wii U, logo logo teria um jogo meu aí nessa lista tbm, heheh.
    O problema é que a concorrência já é grande, heheh. Entre 120 jogos, pro seu se destacar, é complicado.
    Veterano Nv.MÁX
    Veterano Nv.MÁX

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    Re: 120 Jogos indies estão por vim no Wii U

    Mensagem por vits em Dom 16 Fev 2014, 10:52

    Alguns jogos anunciados são realmente muito bons, outros possuem certas controvérsias em torno, mas a lista no geral está melhor do que a de títulos AAA do console.
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    Membro Nv.28

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    Re: 120 Jogos indies estão por vim no Wii U

    Mensagem por Geovany em Dom 16 Fev 2014, 11:28

    Esta incrível esta lista, alguns jogos chamaram muita minha atenção! Espero que todos eles venham para o Wii U e que tenham ótimas vendas!

    Coitado do meu bolso se eu tivesse um Wii U.

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